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Conversation Between FlashD and Vaishu

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  1. Yeah well,it was more convenient I guess.But I'm sure you guys will do your thing and get it fixed.
  2. Glad you've solved your issue. I am still looking for a way to re-enable that feature. People seem to be missing it quite a bit.
  3. It's cool,I got it done.Thanks anyway
  4. Hey Flash,How are you?I've been having some problems with uploading my signature.The site won't let me create an album and I'm not able to upload it from other sites like ImageShack either.
    What am I doing wrong>_>;(Sorry for the bother>>)
  5. Haha,you have a way with words alright.I've been pretty good actually but final year really takes it out of you!Just when I'm done with one test there is another to deal with.>_>
  6. Heya. It's been long indeed. I'm good, incredibly busy, but good. Nothing has really changed for me. The more things change, the more stay the same after all. :P How about you, how have you been?
  7. Hey Flash!How are you?It's been long
  8. Flash
  9. Hello Flashy
  10. Ok!Its annoying when your usertitle keeps resetting and see 10,000 gil go for waste!I posted here HELP!*pissed off*
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