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Conversation Between Fuu Kasumi and Daken.

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  1. Yeah, she's my best friend irl.
    Raksha Keller. She doesn't come on AF anymore though.
  2. Hey do you still talk to that one girl?
    I remember talking to her a few times and she had like a nana set and you had a hachi one.
    ring a bell? (: I think her name started with R.
    I haven't seen her around much.
  3. Ah.
    Yep, I enjoy it. (:
    I didn't know about the movie thing, but I haven't been looking around to know.
  4. You like Glee? I tryed watching it but I could never get into it lol.
    Don't they have like a movie coming out soon?
  5. Ouh, nice.
    Emma and Will, (Jayma Mays and Matthew Morrison) from Glee.
  6. War, im writing on the side that's against it and why its wrong of course.
    (: We are working with MLA format.
    Buttt, I have been wondering.
    Who are those people in your icon?
  7. Ah, we only got to choose which college. (So I picked one that only required 500 words max, lol)
    What topic are you planning to write about?
  8. Dang, I got a persuasive essay due soon.
    Atleast we got to pick our own topic lol.
  9. they definitely are, lol.
    It was for my English class, our teacher had us write a college application essay.
    that's cool (:
  10. Essay's are lame lol.
    What was it on?
    And ive just been chillin, catching up with some friends.
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