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Conversation Between Mirrai and blueangel06661

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  1. You'll like our admin then... FlashD, he's a big saber fan =3

    Also Serated does a lot of works with saber.. You should really check his stuff out. (He's also the guy that does the demos on skype)

    This is his latest saber piece:
    Mucho better than mine ^_^;
  2. Waaah ~ thanks so much ><
    I really like it ^^
    and I really like Saber ;w;
  3. Nope no one is, it's all yours if you want it =3
  4. Thanks so much ><
    sorry for the trouble ><
    ah, Is anyone using this tag of yours?
    Can I use it? :o
  5. Not typically. It's probably because you're starting a thread/post with a low post count with bunch of links in said thread/post. Thanks for pointing it out to me, I approved it for you.
    Raising your post count will resolve this problem definitely. You just got yourself accidentally caught in our spam filter ^-^;
  6. Hello again ~ :3
    I'm confused with some stuff here ><
    like when I post in a topic, a moderator has to approve it or something ><
    Did I do something wrong? :o
  7. Heh, C4D's only took a LOT of practice. I used to be soooo bad at them. I still kinda am.
    But I just made a point to make more and more signatures using them until I got a hang of it a bit. Plus I had another member by the name of Serated help me out.
    you're only going to be as good as the amount of time, effort, and desire to get better you put into it.

    Hmm I actually stopped watching and reading much manga.
    Though right now I'm reading/watching
    Youko x boku ss
    Tonari no Kaibutsu
  8. Ah, Hello Blue ~ ^^
    Oh Thank you ><
    I like your works better >>> your better at using c4ds
    I'm not good at using them D:

    Ah, I have a lot of animes (and manga) that I like... (lost count)
    I'm more interested with Shounen though.
    How about you? :o
  9. Hi there! Welcome to AF! but most importantly welcome to the Art Forums part of AF (You have a lovely signature thread) ^_^ I like seeing new faces :3

    My name is Bluu, BluuA, Angel, Blue, Vicky, Whatever you want really. I'm also the leader of the Art Forums so if you need anything feel free to come to me.

    So how are you? What kinds of animes and things do you like? Assuming your love for anime of some sort brought you here. lol.
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