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Conversation Between rso0 and Eris

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  1. Hello Eris
  2. It would suck if that actually happened lol

    Who would want my kid anyway lol

    The married part and what not sound nice though
  3. lol sure
  4. I'm getting impatient! I need mah child support for bonbons!
  5. Where's mah child support?!
  6. Lol, remember when you tricked me into sitting on your lap by pretending to be santa? I've got a surprise for you!

    I'm pregnant! Yay! Bonbons and 20 years of child support and possibly a shotgun wedding!

    Also, you should probably get tested for STDs.
  7. stop asking me for lapdances
  8. Have you ever posted yourself in a picture thread? kuz i'd like to see what that means lol

    Being a mom makes you sound hot kuz I like milfs.
  9. I have my charms, in that H.P. Lovecraft eldritch horror sort of way.
  10. Are you pretty irl?
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