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Conversation Between Vixen Argentum and DOOM!

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  1. Of course they are! They're just zealots of the "Science Incorporated" who take pride in their ignorance. They won't take any feedback from you. You're not a registered PhD, so they discount whatever you say as 'the words of a madman' even if you're right. They only listen to what they're being told it's science. Delicious... magical science!
  2. But of course! Somebody needs to do the dirty work, and I serve that purpose in my real life...I don't see the point in changing that now.

    And somebody who realizes that my user name doesn't mean that I'm from Argentina...

    Oh thank god. I totally need a drink, after reading more of this friendly nonsense...especially from you. Besides, everyone loves a Molotov cocktail. To misanthropy indeed!

    Though, in regards the the LSD, if I stop taking my medicines, I'll hallucinate and have transcending experiences on my believing that there is a man in my head who speaks to me through song lyrics. For some reason, doctors call this a problem. I just think they're just insanely jealous.
  3. Get outta here, you too?
    "Welcome to the forums, silver_fox, here's your complimentary LSD cookie and vodka." To misanthropy!
  4. Well good. People are entirely too friendly in this forum. Too saccharine. Makes me terribly ill.

    I'm Vixen Argentum and I'm a jaded b*tch who wants to set fire to the world and watch it burn. And of course, that includes you too.
  5. Oh, I see. I was just curious, not that I'm into lyrics or manga or anything. I'm Dr.McDoom, my role as an NPC in the Miscellaneous subforums is that of a thorn in a thigh. I'm not friendly, I always have something against whatever you post, and I work alone.
    It's not a pleasure to meet you.
  6. Nope, never been here in my life. I kinda run my own scanlating operation off of LiveJournal for doujinshi, so I spend the majority of my time there. Always looking for new haunts, though.

    I just translated a butt load of lyrics this week and was looking for a nice place to put them...and found this nice little repository for me to add my growing collection.

    As to the L2, I just sat down and did that bizzare fake song lyric test thing at 10 PM last night and it was approved at 11 AM this morning. Not too bad of a turnaround time.
  7. Have you been here before, by any chance? How did you get LRCSLVL2 so fast?
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