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Conversation Between PhantomPhD and KyouFalls

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  1. or woman? =w=
    well sankyew~ lol
  2. That is the most awesome Rant i have ever seen in my life, Bravo good sir, or woman, Bravo.
  3. Goodie goodie.[: i have pretty much been revolving my life around moving there for the past couple years xD i really don't look asian. >.<; i don't know what i look like,specially cause im adopted so i don't really know of what decent i am. If i puff up my cheeks i look REALLY asian for some reason though :'o or if i make a crying face. WOw that just sounds racist...but its true Dx not racist! Cause yknow my friend when she makes a crying face she doesnt look asian she just looks saying asians look like they have crying faces..just saying MINE looks like i'm asian. >-<;; \(._.)/ iunno man. iunno.
  4. Well i was born in japan, But spent most of my life in America :P. And Dealing with a lot of racism and prejudice, Hmm Idk i never really noticed. I Took most of my dads looks and have a tiny amount of my moms looks. So I barely look japanese. Lol
  5. Hey, just coming by to say hello and inquire about JAPAN CAUSE IM A WEABOO ~o~ justkidding.
    But i do have one question:
    Do you deal with a lot of racism or prejudice there? (i only say this because of two things: In your avatar if that is you, you appear to be western of origin and i have heard many things about japanese people not enjoying the company of foreigners especially those who are not fluent in the language)
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