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Conversation Between IluvAllison and natsu d

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  1. wassup!!!!!!!!!
    didn't get ur message 4 quite some time!!!!!!!!!!
    busy ?????!!!!
  2. well,
    i'm frm India!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so,.... how's it in sweden??!!!!!!!!
    sorry 4 my"!"
    i have a habit of it!!!!!
  3. Ha ha. hehe, you are a kid ;> But you can still be nice to talk to so the age doesnt really matter to me. Im from Sweden, and you?
  4. very funny.....!!!!!!!!
    i'm 14 yrs old but don't take me as a kid ok!!!!!!!!
    where r u frm????
  5. you sure are ^^ I am 122 years old, minus 100. So im 22 ;D How old are you?
  6. i donno why i'm so enrgetic?!!!!!!!!!
    but i am 4 sure!!!!
    by the way, how old r u ????!!!!!
  7. hahah yeah I like it that you are energetic xD yooo! Why are you so energetic? xD !
  8. yo!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ya i'm kinda energetic!!
    my frndz sayit!!!!
    and i'm very funny 2!!!
  10. haha yeah im online ;D I like how in every post you write you are using a bunch of !! and ?? !!! xD hahaha its so funny! You must be very energetic! Are you energetic??!!?!? haha xD
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