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Conversation Between IluvAllison and lisauntie

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  1. Evil parents ;D You must return the favour ^_^ *Ichimaru Gin type of smile that fools ya!*
    Why did they take away your laptop tho? When I was younger my parents also took away my internet cause I was abusing it heavily ;D I can go on but lets save it for when you get your laptop back ;P
  2. My parents officially decided to take away my laptop so I can't answer (writing long messages on your iPod isn't that much fun....)

    I'll answer when I get it back (or steal it back *evil grin* hehehehhe)
  3. Waaat why do you have such a hard time sleeping! You gotta explain more on that in your PM cause I dont understand ;P
  4. pssssst, I'm gonna answer your PM tomorrow, because this girl is GONNA (try her best but will probably fail to) SLEEEEEEEEEP
  5. I can be clever at times
  6. Great idea! I just sent you the private message (PM). Thank god I didnt have to make a million posts, its alot more convenient ;P You really are clever ^^
  7. So you can't say what you expect, tch, I'd expect more from you (actually, I didn't, but as a queen, I can't say that you know) :P
    I can't say what I expect of you either, but I guess you've got a face that immediately says: I'M A SPECIAL GUY WHO GETS DANGOS THROWN TO THE FACE AND DOES PIGGYBACKRIDES WITH LISA AND WALK INTO MORDOR LOOOL ERMAGHERD!!!! pretty accurate isn't it? hehehe

    I don't know how many posts these make XD

    ps: I just had a chocolate chip cookie

    pps: we should go on with private messaging, because we're spamming our visitor message-profile-thingy-stuff-something
  8. How is that weird, I do it everyday!!! EVERYDAY I'M ROFLING!!! now to make a special ROFL-ing dance to go with it, find some people to sing the song and then I'll be a rich girl

    Can you be crazy, not as much as me!!! IM TEH GRAYZIEST GURL IN TEH WURLD!!!!ONE1111!!!!!!ONE!11!!!
    and those asterisks are totally mine *glares at you 'till you keep away of them!!!*

    I've gotten pretty used to it Actually, so I'll be fine, but still....... IT'S PRETTY DAMN ANNOYING!!! You'd think it would stop after some time, but it just keeps on coming back and back -.-" I actually kinda want something to turn up from the blood test, because then I'll know the reason of why I sleep this bad, and that'd put my mind to rest a little more I guess........

    It's not funny that it annoys me... Because of that we fight quite a lot, and my mother doesn't like that, and then we all turn into little daughters of bitches and it'll be an enormous bitch-fight! The end, and they lived happily ever after NOT
  9. I don't really know for sure if that's where the name "soleil" came from, but I thought it would be the most logical explanation. Especcialy if you look at the last sentence about how she would once more be able to shine like soleil (or something like that hehehehe)

    Because her voice is so good, I WANT EVERY SINGLE ANIME AND VOCALOID TO BE MY FAMILY, WE COULD HAVE LOOOOTSA FUN (all the hot guys should be friends or neighbors, because otherwise I couldn't claim them as mine because they're family... XD)
    (pretend I didn't say that please)

    Yeah, could be... I can never say what I'm expecting... But when the time comes and I see a picture of the person, I often think something like "Hey, that really suits their personality, I could have seen that coming!" or "Wow, I didn't expect that, I had expected something totally different, that's so cool!!!" So I don't know how to say what I expect of you to look like XD
  10. I'll ALWAYS be the clever one, It's just who I am But you being my queen would still be pretty awkward to me ya know, because... well... a transvestite queen that would throw me of his/her back because I throw dangos to him/her and then become queen is a little weird, dontcha agree?

    Hmmmm, daughter of a bitch... That's a new one... But I'm sure my mother isn't a bitch, so I guess that would be quite impossible, ne?

    Hehehehehehehehe, let's get that little bastard Joffrey and make him our money-making machine! And with the money we make, I'll buy bleach volumes, as I just got volume 1-6 (THE NEW CHAPTER ERMAGHERD, SO AWESUUUUUM, now to wait another week -.-")

    That's true... We ARE special... So let's piggy-back ride on your back to Mordor, I guess that would be fun ME WANTZ KENPACHI-RIED NOUUUUUUUUUW!!!
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