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Conversation Between IluvAllison and ChibiLovett

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  1. Yeah it seriously pissed my mom off when I told her he ad-libbed the whole thing, so there is no punchline. lol Ah, yes, I can see how that would make sense. I still watch new ones, but the more I like one the more I'll watch it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen my favorites of Helena and Tim's movies. xD Dark Shadows I had memorized within a week of owning it. (Though granted I do memorize movies pretty quickly and I had already seen it four times before it even left theaters.) Crazy? Who's crazy? I'm not crazy. >.> LOL

    haha Of course I remember that song! ;D My mom actually has the soundtrack and we listen to it quite often. hehe

    Really? Allison is your favorite? I never would've guessed. 8O (xD) I like her because she's really am I. John is just hilarious! He's probably the one I quote and/or imitate most often. xD
  2. I've made a few pretty good friends in general, at least somewhat through our shared interest in them. But also, like I said, also two girlfriends. The first one I actually met on a Helena forum, the second, who I'm actually seeing currently, Helena and Tim are two of the things we tend to talk about the most. ^.^ The second the first time we actually spoke to each other was asking where I found the picture of Helena that I had as my signature on another forum at the time. And's a pain in the butt to write out their full names all the time, especially Helena since she's got a two-part last name!

    Mostly the phrases they used and stuff. Like when Andy is threatening John and he's like, "There's gonna be two hits: me hitting you and you hitting the floor!" xD Or there's always one of my personal favorites from Heathers that I still have NO IDEA what it's supposed to mean. lol "Well f*** me gently with a chainsaw!"

    To be continued!
  3. Aaaaw the scene where they start dancing!! I love that scene! Its so beautiful! If you remember that scene you must remember (or be reminded of!) the song that played during it! ;D
    Hahaha and yeah the scene where they get high so fun! When Brian starts making his cool guy imitation omg xD

    Oooh Allison! ;D If it wasnt already extremely apparent, Allison is also my favorite!! XD But why is she yours? ;D And why John? xD
  4. Wow really? You met two great people through Helena and Tim? ;P Lol I like how you call them Helena and Tim hahah xD So you became really close internet friends through that connection?

    hahah how do you make fun of the way they talk? xD I guess one thing I can think of is the ditzy girls, hahaha, ditzy girls with like gum in their mouth and talking in a certain way xD haha I think Claire from The Breakfast Club (TBC) is sort of like that stereotype xD haha so funny ^^ And no I have not seen that movie! Just imdb'd it and wow its even made the same year as TBC! I may check it out! ;D

    oh right hahaha I remember that scene now!! ;D I was like waaaaiting, but no, no finishing line! xD A MILLION times! XD Maybe I should try that sometime hahha ;D I just feel hmm why should I rewatch it when I can watch another new movie that could perhaps be equally as great! ;P (fat chance, you cant be as great as TBC!! XD haha)

    I like it that you ramble xD I also ramble so to be continued ^^
  5. Cont.

    When John (can't remember his name at the moment) is crawling through the ventilation system he says a joke. "So a naked lady walks into a bar. She's holding a poodle under one arm and a salami under the other. Bartender says, "What'll you have?" Naked lady says-" then he falls through the ceiling. I may have got a detail or two wrong, but that's basically it. lol Ah, yes, I can understand that. If I like a movie I watch it a million times over. xD My favorite character is actually a tie. Allison and John. I love them both. <3 My favorite scene...probably when they first get high and start dancing. I don't know why, it just always makes me almost literally rofl. xD
  6. A fanforum. It's really not that hard. Besides I already know any actual website I could ever make would never even hope to stand up against soooooo I'll stick to the fanforum thing. xD And we made a Facebook page for the forum to try and get more members, so technically both, but the page is just an add-on to the forum. And I do really want to find more of a fandom for Helena and Tim! I've met some of the BEST people through them! Even got two girlfriends largely because of them. x3 lol

    My mom told me I wouldn't have made it in the eighties because I make fun of the way they talk in movies and stuff too much. lol But I agree, the style was awesome! And the movies were awesome. Have you ever seen Weird Science? I believe it was made by the same guy that did The Breakfast Club and it's hilarious. xD

    Sorry have to split this into two messages. I ramble too much for the character limit, apparently. xD
  7. Woow you started a website for them? Or was it a Facebook page? If a website then thats wow!! ;D Someone reaaaaally wants to find a fandom! XD Thats really great that you are being active yourself in creating a fandom!

    The 80s does seem like a pretty cool time period! xD Their clothes, oh the clothes! The fashion back in 80s is just awesome xD Omg soo cool ^_^ And their hairstyles ofc!

    Oh nooo shame on me!! xD I dont remember anything about the naked lady haha, I honestly only watched that movie once yet, I dont wanna spoil it by multiply repeating it again, im afraid it wont hold up because after I saw it I LOVED it! Your talk of the naked lady made me think of Allisons little ploy of how she is a nymphomaniac but was actually kidding haha XD hahah omg such a funny scene! ^_^ There are so many good scenes in that movie (cant remember the ones you mentioned tho! >_<)! Who is your favorite character and whats your favorite scene? xD And ofc explain why! ;P
  8. Eh, to a point. There's definitely plenty of Facebook pages for them. ;P But the one forum I know of for them (mostly Helena) that was ever very active is totally dead. DX A friend and I actually have a new one going because the first one has to many irreparable issues, but it's gotten nowhere so far. >.< Which I don't get because they're both so popular and we've advertised like crazy! The Facebook page has likes, but no one joins!

    LOL I don't know, it's become pretty popular to be all retro nowadays. I have that issue with a lot of older things because I was raised by a mother who is still perpetually stuck in the eighties but should've been born in the twenties. Soooooo I watch and LOVE a lot of things from pretty much any time after talkies were invented. lol The Breakfast Club is actually one of my favorites! It gave me my favorite way to flip someone off. xP Pissed my mom off when she found out there really was no ending to that joke about the naked lady. xD
  9. hahaha lol xD being a fangirl/boy by yourself is just horrible! Saiyaku-desu! xD Its like you want to find someone to talk to about it all! ;D hahaha okay so you dont have this LGW fanhype to share with anyone! But Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter they are pretty damn active, can you at least act out all your fangirl craze with them? xD

    Yes lets hope! *crosses fingers!* xD (doubt it though haha). My particular crazyness atm is over The Breakfast Club which is just ONE movie and like made in 1985 so its like eeeeeeehh hahah there aint much fandoms to find in that anymore xD
  10. LOL I don't know if this EVER had a fandom is the sad part. There's a few cosplays of it you can find online and fanart on the website, but I've never found a place with other people that like it. >.< Let's hope you're right and I will find someone! It's so boring having to fangirl by yourself! DX haha If they'd just make the stupid movie they said they would I might get it! But noooooooo. They won't even say if it's still a possibility or not since they haven't updated the website since freaking 2010. >.>

    Same problem? Aw that sucks. >.< Let's hope both of us can find a fandom eventually!
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