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Conversation Between Kitty~Chan and Vixen Argentum

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  1. I borrowed the GU games from my cousin.

    And alright I'll keep that in mind ^_^
  2. Ah! I love the .hack games!

    I actually played Dead Space 2 all day and then started cleaning a doujinshi. I do work as a translator, but all of the pages need to have all of the Japanese words taken off of them even though I don't like cleaning much, I pretty much have to just suck it up and do it.

    If you ever need some written Japanese translated (I'm not so good with just spoken things) I'm totally your girl!
  3. I played Dot Hack GU vol 2 pretty much all day ^_^; lol. What about you?
  4. Hello! How are you? Did you do anything fun on your Saturday?
  5. Hello ^_^
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