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Conversation Between Ωmega and GameGeeks

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  1. Yeah, it was in quick mask. Feel kinda stupid now. Much obliged.
  2. Thinking about it, you may have accidently have used the slice tool
  3. I had a similar problem, and it turns out I had put everything into quick mask mode. Could that be it?
  4. Quick Photoshop question. Randomly started having issues with a sig. The layers when clicked on highlight grey and if I try and use a brush shown layers are treated as hidden. Only way I can get layers to highlight blue is if I first bring up the layer style menu by double clicking on the layer. Any ideas what could be causing it? Saving and closing doesn't fix it and it's just the one work.
  5. Yes, but the people who bandwagon will still bandwagon, whether people know it or not. Nothing stopping them from, say, just following Scruffy. The other players just wont know they're doing it.
  6. Well, the idea is that people arent to say when they cast their vote via pm, so its a guessing game as to who the 'leader' is voting for
  7. Even with pm voting people can still bandwagon since they could just follow whoever.
  8. Not really. People try to question each other and the governor reads it all and sends me a pm as to who they want to lynch before the day phase is up. Should it go to a voting phase, voting will be done via pm as well, this way no one can copy the others vote
  9. Don't see how the governor thing will work out. Wont it be readily apparent who they are?
  10. Not to mention I'll be trying something new with my game. Voting will be taken out, people will interrogate each other and the governor will decide who is lynched. Should the governor and back up governor be taken out, it will -then- change to a vote system
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