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Conversation Between Ωmega and Nullpunkt

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  1. Chat is always used, though I myself dont use it too often. Misc usually gets the most traffic of all the forums as well
  2. So tell me, where is the action around here these days? Which threads/boards see the most (or best) traffic? And does anyone really use the chat system?
  3. Cool, glad to hear you'll be sticking around =D
  4. Lately I've been playing 'catch-up' with about a half-dozen sites. My internet connection has not exactly been reliable over the past several years to say the least. One of the downsides to living in a rural area in the Panhandle, I suppose.

    Other than catching up on what I've missed, I've just been doing the usual - watching new anime, playing new games, talking to people, RPing. That much will probably never change. I'm definitely going to try to get back into being a regular here, at any rate. Think I might update my user title again for the same reason you did.
  5. Yes, I changed it at the beginning of the year, wanted to feel 'fresh' and 'new'
    Things have been ok, could be better but could be a lot worse, so Im happy where I am.

    How about you? What have you been up to lately?
  6. Hello, old friend. I almost didn't recognise you at first, what with the name change. How are things?
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