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Conversation Between Ωmega and Kaitou+

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  1. lol, agreed
  2. I think it would be super weird if we ever go back to that system ever again.
  3. Yeah, thats all I remember. People IMed me, especially The Rebel, asking "what character are you?"
  4. Wolf XIII was the last game to make the use of it as well. but that got cancelled.

    I don't even remember how outside communication was. Just the inbox full of PMs part and MSN.
  5. It did. I remember how fast the pokemon game was because of it
  6. It's hard to believe.

    And lol reading the thread, outside communication really made a difference.
  7. Holy crap. It doesnt seem like that long ago!!
  8. Randomly checked and just realized it's been three years since Wolf 8: Marvel...signs ups were May 14th,
  9. lol, its my first one ever since joining! xD
  10. Damn, a name change after how long?
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