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Conversation Between skittystephy1980 and AshureeChan

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  1. We'll see ^_^
  2. yuppers
  3. Haha yeah I got plenty of time.
  4. lol i'm in gainesville and i'm going to deerfeild well holiday matsuri isn't until the 14 - 16 of december so you got some time to figure it out
  5. Orlando is closest to me. I'd have to find a mode of transportation too lol
  6. i'll be at chibi pa and holiday matsuri
  7. shadocon is in tampa , chibi pa is usually in palm beach bit it is in deerfeild this year , and holiday matsuri is a christmas themed con in orlando
  8. I didn't even know about any of those D: I'm so out of the loop XD
    Where they at?
  9. you going to either shadocon , chibipa or holiday matsuri ?
  10. Hello and welcome to AF I'm a Floridian too ^_^
    Hope you have a wonderful time here!
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