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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. Alright I'll call you J haha and man that was a close one!
  2. i fell asleep in the teacher's lounge today. I almost missed my class :P
  3. xD
    thats real close to one of my nicknames
    My names Julian, but no-one like that name, so my nicknames are "J" and "DJ"
    "DJ" is my formal nickname. so you can call me J.
  4. Yup. That's my real name!
  5. imma quote BP here, and assume you're name is "Jay". am i right?
  6. I'm only good at some levels which is weird lol It's cool though man good stress reliever haha.
  7. i mean wave *derp*
  8. i suck, probably cause i've only played it at my friend martin's house. he actually did better solo than with me. He got to like round 50 solo and round 36 with me xP
  9. Haha that would be pretty sweet I'm good at it.
  10. it would still be fun to play zombies or something with you. i got bored of zombies, now i play killing floor. LIKE A BOSS!
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