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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. Anyway, my friend said he'll give me his PS3 (since he never uses it) in a few weeks. I'm really surprised he would do that for me, I'll find some way to pay him back later. First thing i'll do is send you a friend req.
  2. That does look pretty awesome haha.
  3. Oh, and don't use VATS unless your close to them. VATS is this awesome, awesome thing where you open up a little menu, and decide which body part of the enemy you want to shoot, and you can usually rip the head off in a few shots. Fun all around.
    this guy makes it look easy, but its not THAT easy.

  4. Oh I see.Maybe I'd go with New Vegas first I like being able to ADS.
  5. Its a trade off. New Vegas is much harder at the beginning, but you can look down the sights, and they're is a few more features. Fallout 3 is much more atmospheric and moody, but it's missing a few features like being able to craft your own ammo, and you can't look down the sights. You can zoom in, but not down the sights.
  6. Ok I'll give it a go when I can.
  7. ah, god, you should. It's awesome. Either of them are good.
  8. No I haven't payed it.
  9. i see, i see. Have you played Fallout New Vegas/ Fallout 3?
  10. I like to play it first hand myself sometimes scores are over exaggerated.
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