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Conversation Between Akiro and Sighanide

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  1. You got to get the uncharted games really great! Heavy Rain was great too well if you like interactive games. I'll be playing Blacks Ops II for zombies/multiplayer.
  2. yeah :P
    i found out that Fallout sucks on PS3 anyway 'cause PS3 has sucky memory. :/
    so I'mma say not to get it...
    so, when I DO get a PS3, what games should I get for it??
  3. 6 hours lol yeah man it was hectic! Aw..Not cool. Oh no don't worry I don't plan on going anywhere lol. I'll stay put dude! I see well when you do we'll play a game or two!
  4. oh. Er. Huh.

    6 mile drive? been there, i feel your pain. Especially when you got no sleep the night before and you're at the wheel.
    anyway, the dude said He actually needed his PS3. Now i'm going to save up for christmas. Please stay on AF 'till then. *gives you puppy dog eyes*
  5. I had to go to Maryland for my lil bro's tournament. It was a 6 hr drive. That's why I was busy!
  6. Eh, that sucks. What's been keeping you busy?
  7. Been kinda busy but I'm good you?
  8. How're you doing??
  9. I know, right? Really surprised he'd do that for little 'ol me.
  10. What a friend. That's really awesome of him! Cool I'll accept it when you do!
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