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Conversation Between Onizukayo and Sighanide

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  1. Yeah. it's a great game, if you have enough money, buy it :P
    its a TPS, but it's amazing. It actually breaks the fourth wall, and does it convincingly. O_O
  2. O_O Oh my gosh...Those burned people T_T
  3. It sad you don't use your steam account anymore. Right now, I'm lazy and play FPS's where all you have to do in terms of thinking is "Sighanide spots random enemy. Sighanide uses BULLETS on enemy. IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!" xD

    The kid dying wasn't at all sad for me. After playing Spec Ops: The Line, it seemed almost entertaining. I couldn't sleep at night after playing Spec Ops, 'cause it was so horrific.

  4. I don't like Mass Effect...It's okay the first minutes but then it gets a little bit bored to me. I hate the part when that kid dies (Mass Effect 3)
  5. Aw man, you gotta play Mass Effect sometime. I'm just saying.
  6. Well I play alot of RPGs too like: Legend of Mana, Chrono Triger, FF5, Suikoden, Musashi (PSX) <---- Classics...And for PC: Fallout and Skyrim..Nothing more I think
  7. I like RPG's but I don't like MMO's. I tried a few, TO get any good stuff you have to pay. They're too time consuming as well. My biggest problem is the money you must spend. I'm not Mr Moneybags, and it's really annoying to work overtime so I can get enough extra pay to buy that one staff or sword or bow or whatever.
  8. WOW sucks...I play Grand Chase, LaTale or Elsowrd
  9. MMORPG's? like World Of Warcraft? Aw man, we live in totally different universes. The closest thing to an MMORPG that I play is an MMOFPS called Blacklight: Retribution.
  10. Yeah, I have an account. But I don't use it anymore, since I play MMORPGs
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