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Conversation Between sephiroth1963 and Sighanide

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  1. Oh. Cool story ma'am.
    So, well, stuph yeah.
  2. Well I already finished high school ...
    And I work but no big deal ...
    I'm just a supervisor in a park ... I'm handling it the toys for the children
  3. I'm not sure if I already asked you this, but are you still in school, or do you work?
  4. Oh, what's my job? I'm a game designer/programmer. Sounds fun, but my job is technically crushing peoples dreams, so, well, yeah.
  5. Hehe .. I'm always afraid that do not understand....
    Well .. Let me put it in a better way
    ...Well summarizing everything put.... Your business...What exactly do you work?..
    I don't remember if I already asked......Because I not have a memory as good..Sorry about that..
  6. I have no clue what you just asked me. Could you reiterate that?
  7. Ooohh Ukraine
    For business reasons...Well .. You work than even ...?
    I do not remember if I asked already .. Well excuse me if I asked ... Yeah forgot
  8. I'm doing pretty well, besides being in the Ukraine
    It's for business reasons, but still. What The Hell, job? xD
  9. Was enjoying a little early this year.... I have plenty to do now... ^^
    Hey.... How are you?
  10. What's up?
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