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Conversation Between ms.Purdy and Kaleohano

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  1. I'm in germany right now. feel free to drop by and say hi lol

    i'm always happy to meet models :P
  2. yeah i'm heading there to day :3
  3. modeling huh? thats cool. i liked england. the people there are pretty chill
  4. heading to ENGLAND for a modeling session and to see my heart
  5. awww. i hate it when people do that.
    I feel for ya maing!
    So am i right to assume you have a trip of sorts planned?
  6. shes not helping pack
  7. I'm doing pretty good. Just relaxing after a busy weekend.

    so whats this person being lazy about?
  8. no its just i'm to things at once and somebody i know is being totally lazy lump and i'm doing fine how about you??
  9. what are you confused about?
    I just asked how you were doing today?
  10. ohhhhhhh i'm totally confused right now *confused look* O_o
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