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Conversation Between Moki-San and aether

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  1. We can use this site if you like
  2. hiya! sorry about not talking lately but we can talk now! shall we use this site or that other one?
    im kagami by the way
  3. Hiya
    Don't worry about it, I was quite tired and had to go to bed quite early last night myself so no worries honestly ^^ Also I'm just letting you know that I won't be on tonight as my friend is staying the night as he can't get back home due to buses running only on sunday service times and the route the one bus that still runs at this time goes through some rough areas so he's staying the night here.
    Sorry about not being able to chat again but hopefully tomorrow we can though ^^
  4. I'm so sorry for yesterday as we said we would be online and we weren't, the truth is we were having problems with our wireless connection connecting to the internet, it sorta stopped connecting as soon as we said goodbye to you on chat all the way up untill just now (3:45pm), turns out there was a plug unplugged =_=;
    But anyway, have fun doing what you're doing offline~
  5. I'm going to be busy today wo may not be online until later one this evening
  6. I'm back and on the chat
  7. okay, see you soon
  8. Shall do don't you worry
    Speaking of lunch sounds like its ready to go
  9. yes yes, thats fine, just have to let me know when your back though~
    then i'll send you an invite~
  10. Don't worry I slept in till quite late today as well lol
    It's quite warm over here, bit a chill in the breeze but when that goes its nice and pleasant
    Yeah sure but gonna have lunch soon so will it be okay if you send me the request when I get back?
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