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Conversation Between Moki-San and aether

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  1. Yeah sure thing just give me a moment to switch to my comp
  2. yo! i see your online then...i shall load up chat and pass you to tsukasa then!
    if you want!
  3. Okiedokie will be on around 4ish
  4. Tsukasa will be talking to you later look forward to that ;D
    gotta go for now , tsukasa will talk later when your on!
  5. yo! kagami here again!
  6. okie-dokie i'll load chat up then~
  7. Yeah they do but we end up talki about anime a lot lol
    Any who I will be switching to my comp in a moment so please bear with me whilst I make the change over
  8. thankyou for your reply, lots of your friends stay nightly dont they?
    yeah we will be busy after we go back to school too
    look forward to us talking when your online
  9. It's alright don't worry about the lateness of response I can sometimes be a tad late myself truth be told and more than likely will be once I'm back at uni.
    There's no way I could ever have a tattoo my tolerance to pain is somewhat low so yeah no tattoo for me lol
    Yeah I'm fine been busy with friends today and one of my friends is staying the night so will be busy still but tomorrow I should be free.
    I shall check it out once I get chance to
  10. how are you over there then...i can see your not online at the moment so i hope we can talk soon, by the way we made a new blog!
    check it out!
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