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Conversation Between Moki-San and aether

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  1. It wasn't pleasant thats for sure.
    Its alright don't worry about it
    I don't think you can truth be told maybe on chat but not on the PM system.
  2. EEEK, sounds spooky, i would love to know but i don't want to push you.
    by the way, sorry for being offline, we were watching anime~~
    We recomened this site to our anime buddy and she says she'll be on, (her name is yaoicrisps, sorta explains her personality) unfortunatly i don't know wether or not that that you can have a three-way (achem) private convo so...
    who knows?
  3. Greetings there, sorry about the delay in response was just getting over what happened when I was heading back home on saturday night..........wasn't plesant at all
  4. ooooh a party eh? get you mister popular over there!
    i hope you have fun and murder that housework with your house wifey-ness!
  5. Okiedokie however I won't be online today after this message as I'm heading to a party and got a lot of housework to do as well.
    Sorry about this
  6. gotta go for a mo though (ha! that rhymes) to get washed and dressed ( yes im up really late) and say hello to the faaaamily (mafia immpression) i'll post here when im back on though, just so you know!
  7. hi sorry about yesterday for not being on....but im on now so post me whenever~
  8. Heya sorry about not being online earlier just been busy today
  9. hi hi wanna chat?
  10. Howdy there just finished my tea shall be on chat
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