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Conversation Between Sora-the-panda and Sighanide

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  1. I do work :/
    Augh, my foot fell asleep.
  2. Oh, school X3
  3. Sorry for late reply

    so, what are you doing as-of-late? Do you have school? or do you work?
  4. Nope, i'm doing absolutely nothing lol XD

    I've seen bits and pieces of mushi-shi, quite good from what i saw.

    I think we all have that problem lol
  5. Oh, well, cool.
    So, you doing anything for Valentine's Day?
    My favs would have to be Mushi-shi, Ergo proxy, K, and....well, some others I can't damn well remember the names to T_T
  6. Ummmm, i have so many >_<

    probably a tie between tsubasa, soul eater and xxholic
  7. xD so, whats your favorite anime ?
  8. Oh hi! And nothing much lol
  9. So, what you up to =3
  10. Hi X3
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