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Conversation Between bubblebubbleBOOM! and Sighanide

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  1. Hi? You still with us?
  2. Seems legit. I teach a class every saturday (i know right?) and i failed miserably that day.
  3. Hahaha good job. I fell asleep in politics today.... And the teacher didn't even care lol
  4. The team was really fun to work with. I fell asleep in the teacher's lounge today, and almost missed my class xP
  5. And you used your time awesomely lol. Better than any desk job that I can think of.
  6. Thanks, The small team i worked on spent over four years on it. Goes to show we used our time.
  7. Wooooooow. Actually that's pretty awesome.
  8. thanks. If you're curious about the game, which you're probably not, here's a link to the trailer and stuffs:
  9. Wow that's soooo cool! Really god job, I love it!
  10. Actually i drew it. I make video games, and its from one of them. The game is on Steam for like 10 bucks.
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