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Conversation Between Kona Chan and KyouFalls

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  1. Lol d^-^d
  2. And that's enough. Because of you I've learned a new word (delusion)^^
  3. I only have 2, Hallucination, and Delusions
  4. I can say more than: you're kinda unique^^.
    I assume that you don't keep memories of these periods?
    You've sayed: first one... what are the other symptoms?
  5. Hmm Apparently my doctor says I'm showing symptoms of Schizophrenia, Well Hallucinating is my first one and i still haven't experienced any other ones. Basically I sometimes Hallucinate people, Most times i Hallucinate Audio, Like talking, music, whispering, See things that aren't suppose to be their.. Yea I deal with it.
  6. Hallucinating? In what kind of circumstances?
  7. Oh i thought you meant my profile picture nevermind, I wasn't hallucinating in my avatar, I was indeed hallucinating in my profile picture.
  8. It is.. I was hallucinating in that picture lol..
  9. No problem, I'll find something soon or later... By the way, is that you on your avatar? if yes: nice haircut
  10. *facepalm* I have no suggestions, I'm looking for stuff to watch to.
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