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Conversation Between Moe-Mystic and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. O.O Sorry, my mistakes T_T
    Btw, I'm 16 and from Malaysia. How about you?
  2. Me? Of course not. In fact, I live quite happily. I have lived a life that happens to be quite lucky compared to most.
  3. O.O ...........................
    Are you boring or something? Well,sorry....
    It seems that you quite
  4. Umm... I do not sir, but I do have an interesting pattern of speech, if that is what you inquire.
  5. Do you have any problem?
  6. Ahh, 'Tis a good meeting to you as well. I do apologize, I'll be slumbering as of now. I hope I can catch you again later.
  7. Hi, nice to meet you.
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