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Conversation Between The vampire raven and Sighanide

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  1. Yea very weird
  2. I was joking. I don't smoke or take drugs, and when I drink, on the rare occasion I do, It's like one or two bottles of hard cider, which has one of the lowest alcohol concentrations for, well, an alcoholic drink. it's not stuff for idiot's and fools though, It's the common college thing. Wanna know what makes pretty much every guy crack? peer pressure. And the amount of testosterone makes the male counterpart of the human race do many a stupid thing, I have my quite large share of stupidity from when I was a teenager...

    Oh, god, i sound like an adult, WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME @_@
  3. I would never drink or smoke thts junk for idiots nd fools no offense
  4. Lol ur messed up
  5. Fancy lookin' new profile pic you got there, I quit my job, i was really happy, celebrated, drank too much, then threw up (in the car) this morning.
    Don't drink alcohol kids, especially if you're not responsible (like me)
  6. good i guess
  7. ARG broke my arm, typing with my feet is going to be a learning experience for me
    well it IS faster than using my right hand xD
    So, what's up? How was your thanksgiving? Mine sucked
  8. oh hah ok
  9. not much. Just sleeping away the days. I actually am getting time to relax now, after months of non-stop needs for coffee and five hour energy and all nighters, and running through offices and mountains of work and bags under your eyes and passing out and yeah. It's not exactly a good thing that I'm getting a resting period though.
  10. hey wat up
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