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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and モノクロ猫

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  1. Heyy it's been a long time we've talked :3 How are you?~
  2. Yay your back :3
  3. I've been on my vacations house
    Hello my friend! How've you been doing?
  4. Yoooo! It's been over 2 weeks since we talked! Where have you been?
  5. You shouldn't me Missing In Action at a time like this. Y'know, theres a zombie apocalypse thats about to start, and I have to fight crime by myself. So I'll probably be out by a few days if one of those zombies took my computer. :P
  6. Hey, its been a long time we've talked~ I miss you :3
  7. Welcome back from your vacation!~
    How was it? :3
  8. Thats awesome! I hope you have fun learning Japanese~
    I lol'ed at the "Pause for dramatic suspense" thingy :3
    That is what makes you awesome~ Mr. Awesomeness
    I'm gonna miss you! Take care~
  9. Btw I'll be learning japanese (Hiragana and Katakana) while I'm away, so that's great
    Yeah, you sure have, THANKS!
    Lol, games are cool and everything but so are animes, AF and... *pauses for a dramatic suspense* ME! eh eh
    Haha, that's right, I understand
    Take care, goodby Mrs Awesomeness xD
  10. Its true x3 I have to start coming on AF regularly, so I won't make my best friend ( Also known as Awesomeness~ ) sad :3
    I do have internet, its just games take over my life :3 Like Gaia Online :3
    Aww~ You miss me so much and that shouldn't happen! ( Though it makes me feel special~ but still :P)
    Take care
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