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Conversation Between Mugiwara-no-Basuke and Rzion

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  1. Uchiha-luffyy! Been a while... And you never get on any more. hope to see you back on soon!
  2. I thought it looked like a sonic character
  3. Well, maybe ill look it up some time. Not much for downloading videos, but ill find it somewhere, maybe.
    My avatar? Well, it's kind of a sonic the hedgehog styled character I created for myself. I don't role play with it or anything like that, but I'm just a die hard fan and wanted a fan-character. :3
  4. Ah ah, np xD
    Glad to hear that
    Durarara!! is really awesome, 1000% recommended! It's full of mistery and unexpected interlinks, I must say it's nothing special in the first episodes, though. Btw I'm gotta watch it's last episode right now

    You're welcome, it's pretty nice Where's it from?
  5. And thank you, about my avatar!
  6. I know, I normally do, Idk what happened there 3 days ago. xD
    You will not regret Cowboy Bebop. Not one bit.
    Never heard of Durarara, but I bet it's fun to say really really fast. xD
  7. Hey, great new avatar!! (only by going to your profile and post this I saw that you had replied my message 3 days ago, plz when replying someone's visitor message post it directly on that user profile or instead click on "View Conversation" and write your message)

    Lol, I wish I could say that!
    InuYasha is GREAT, loved it, finished some months ago.
    Cowboy Bebop I recently downloaded, want to start it somewhere on the future

    I'm currently watching Durarara!! and loving it, only 4 more episodes to finish, next one will be a short one, so maybe Elfen Lied or Deadman Wonderland
  8. So, which animes are you currently watching?
  9. Ah ah, and I'm almost that desperate to see your new drawings
  10. No prob.

    Well, I gave up on the support that the manufacturer of m tablet was trying to give me. It made no sense, they didn't understand my issue... i'll just have to go an and pester adobe about it again. But, I am going to give some other programs a try since im just so desperate to DRAW!! XD
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