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Conversation Between xMaTTx and Jasanime

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  1. I prefer winter. It means cute mittens, ear muffs, scarves and beanies!
  2. Winter 0-0 it's summer here lol
  3. Wow, sounds interesting. I used to work for a bread company called Tip Top, and they had a product called 'Texas Toast' it was very big! I hear there are a very large amount of people in prison in the US. We have a fair bit if crime here in Adelaide, but most of it is related to bikies and drugs, so doesn't really effect 'normal' ppl. Lots of petty crime too, but I still feel pretty safe most of the time. It gets very hot here in summer, but not humid, just very dry! Right now it's winter and about 10 degrees celcius, which is pretty cold.
  4. it's really humid, and dead and dry... But we have big toast
    oh and if you get in trouble in texas they are very quick to send you to prison.
  5. oh yay! Cheers. I don't know a thing about Texas. What's it like?
  6. It makes you cuter and more huggable
  7. hehe, thanks. Everyone seems to love aussie accents for some reason!
  8. Omg your an aussie I wana hear you talk I love it !!! And I'm from Texas in the USA .. Yippy -_-
  9. He certainly is! He only has 1 eye because his previous owners mistreated him, we adopted him from a rescue organisation. I'm from Australia. How about you?
  10. Is he super soft and snugly :3
    where are you from b y the way?
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