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Conversation Between Mystelinth and Facu

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  1. Yeahh i watch anime watched about 30 different animes so far.
  2. Yes... Well I watched a few only xDDD
  3. Then its decided, So do you watch anime huhhh?
  4. xD Ok, I have no problem :P
  5. Thats right fellow noob, wanna be buddies ? :P
  6. LOL xDDDD Ok, that word excist for us (?
    the newbes must stay together (??? xD
  7. Completely rightooo (although im not sure myself ^_^) Im also fairly new on this site sooo.
  8. Yes yes, you're right :3 It's help them to... ehm integrate? (Is right the word?). Anyway... xD
  9. Ahah no problem, its important to let new members feel welcome right?
  10. Hello, thanks ^^
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