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Conversation Between Mystelinth and Jozette

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  1. yesh!
  2. Ah thats right. Makes things a bit easier don't they?
  3. whateves cuz i have friends on the forum^_^(T_T)
  4. Ah i understand. Must be quite hard on you right? Well I hope things will pick up sooner or later. =/
  5. *sigh* I so sick of my siblings and last year i went to school and I Loved them even the ones I didn't like, like this kid jack. But my mom said no because my grades dropped a lot. I almost could have gotten held back T_T Which is okay because I skipped a grade so I'd be with people my age but I act more like the people a year ahead of me. Homeschool is ok but my sister is out every day and I'm am becoming unsocial because all the other homeschoolers where i live are racist T_T.
  6. Wow wow, i don't know if it is because of the fact i can't comprehend this sentence or because you didn't use very good grammar. But you mind explaining that again? I got the first and the last party though. xD
  7. I'm so sick of these kids (siblings) i loved all my school friends even the ones i didn't like jack <_<. T_T but my mom said no because (this is true) my grades dropped alot and if i get held back I'll be with people my age true (skipped) but I act more like my 14 yr old friends anyway T_T. but she said this will do good. all other homeschoolers are scary...
  8. Wait you want to go to public school? Its like hell everyday you know. Except for the people you meet there. And the pauses you spend together. And the friendships that will continue even after school. Actually public school rocks. You should go to public schools . XD
  9. Not KAKKOII at all T_T I cant go the public school the longest i've been at one was for 1 year the rest i was homeschoooled or private
    thats pretty cool i guess.
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