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Conversation Between Mystelinth and Jozette

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  1. Wait stalker moment. Is your brithday dec 31?
  2. Yeah but I also find myself sitting there and being able to say the lines before they do V_V
  3. Well i don't hate 2nd seasons in general. But it happens that they dissapoint.

    Like Nurarihyon i liked the first season quite alot. But people said the 2nd season was way better. So maybe i got my hopes up or whatever.
    But i didn't like it that much. Since it was too stereotypical.
  4. I tend to hate second seasons.... But yeah I guess I'll start it tonight I was really busy and just got to watch the new episodes at 6 :/
  5. Im gonna continue with the serie Desert Punk i think, and i watch the new episodes of Naruto, SAO, One Piece, Gintama Echousen, K, Psycho Pass, Btooom, Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai! and Ixion Saga DT. Soo yeah not really alot or anything.

    But yeah Darker than black i really liked the first season (The one of 25 episodes) Its a ... like the title says a dark anime. But keeps you hooked. I finished it in a day or 2.
    Buuutt.. (This is only my opinion so don't be influenced too much) i didn't like the next season and the special of darker than black. Actually i disliked it. But you should judge that by yourself.
    Have a great time watchinnnggg >=)
  6. I watch the new episodes for say I love you ,Sao and naruto every week and I'm thinking of starting darker then black soon.
  7. Being predictable sounds boring, and if nearly all of them are romance... that would get boring for me after a while too.

    No, no im just fine with anime.
    And you? You think of switching back? ^^
  8. They're okay. They're just like anime but with real people. Some come from Korean mangas. But they're kind of predictable after a few series and they're mostly romance. :/
  9. Hmh so is it interesting?
  10. Ive recently started alot of Korean drama's
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