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Conversation Between Mystelinth and Sizary Momo

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  1. Yeah I guess you're right.
    I don't get why everyone likes Black Ops 2.
    The first Black Ops was just as good! >-<
  2. Ah i've played that one too, haven't played the new one yet but im not very interested anyway hahaha.

    Oh so she was basically moody all day cu of that? Well... nobody is perfect.
    Or you could say it is a good trait ^___^. Everyone has their own opinion.
  3. We played the earlier Black Ops. xD
    My sister was in a bad mood because she found
    out about a dog being abandoned on the street left to die.
    Yeah she's crazy about dogs...
  4. Black Ops 2 ? xD Or the earlier one haha? Anyway great to hear you had a good time.
    Why was your sister in a bad mood btw?
  5. I spent it playing with my brother and cousins.
    My big sister was in a bad mood.But at least i got to play
    Black Ops with my cousins!
  6. In the Netherlands we don't have Thanksgiving. But how are you gonna spend it ? ^^
  7. So how are you gonna spend your Thanksgiving? :]
  8. Ah well, seems like you had a quite good time anyway ^___^.
    Im also hoping that for you haha, I don't often have such things. But still... It hurts=/
  9. The party was ok.Even though no one wanted to hang out with me.yeah
    my family doesn't like me.I was just stuck playing with my little 2 year old nephew.
    We went down the slide and played McDonalds. xD Except when i gave him sand and said
    "pretend it's money" he put it in his pocket and got dirty.He's so cute. xD
    I'm feeling ok.I have a little stomach ache but it'll go away by tomorrow hopefully.
  10. Mhh did you enjoy the party? ^__^
    What are you feeling exactly? :o
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