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Conversation Between Mystelinth and Sizary Momo

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  1. Yay! Today was awesome!!! >:3
  2. Ah yeah, just another day to go haha.
  3. Yeah!It's almost over hopefully. :3
  4. Hmh, you got a point. Alright then ill let you drag yourself through the week!
  5. Dragging us just the same as "Carrying" xD
  6. Oh, thats hardly carrying and you know it!
  7. No it's ok I can carry myself. :P

  8. I CAN'T! .... *stares*

    NO I STILL CAN'T!? *Drags you along*
  9. Oh no.I can't survive the week!
    Go on without me!

  10. Well, a few years back i played alot of modern warfare 2. But now i don't like any of the other call of duty's haha.
    So i kinda stopped playing it altogether haha.

    Weekend is almost over .__.
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