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Conversation Between Rzion and Sighanide

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  1. You still alive? Oh god, get the defib again...
  2. First of all, what did you mean by "um"?

    I sent you probably the wiriest game I've ever made, and unfortunately, no, I was not high when I made this. The sequel (yes, I made a sequel) is much, much better.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply! I'll download these games as soon as I can and get started on um! Man, you sending me all these games makes me want to start up making games of my own again. They just don't turn out as clean and creative as yours do, though. Anywho, I'll get started on playing those two!
  4. I've spent a long time on Game Jolt now. Came out with two games. I think you might like the second one's art style. Yes, both of these game are meant to be extremely weird. They have really deep meaning into consumerism, etc, etc, etc. However, it does nothing in the means of making sense, so yeah.

    And yes, you must download both of these. Don't worry, they aren't virus-carrying, Game Jolt is quite trustworthy actually.
  5. This is such a late reply.. But I am playing the game right now! And I really like it! It has taken me so long to not die right after I fall in that big pot hole and I am finally getting the hang of using the sight just before I die lol. at first I was like hooww do you do this? But I love the dark theme, it is very silhouette-y and mysterious. Plus, it's a really great idea, if you think about it with the hallucinations and stuff. I think I'll be afraid to walk around in my house in the dark without a flashlight now, for sure. ^_^ It is great, though! I love it. And thanks for having me in mind when creating it. I would definitely still compare it to slim--it is good, in my opinion. Next time you have a game, shoot me a link--I will find time to get on here more often now that I am finally out of school.
  6. It's a quick horror adventure with a pretty deep meaning. Hope you like it. I didn't make it really happy like skinny, but I tried to go along with my idea and fit a bit of the art you liked in it. I know, it probably doesn't look as good as skinny, but it fits the game
  7. Oh, don't even apologize for a 'late reply'. Lol. None are later than this one. I am so sorry I haven't been on! I tend to get too busy for internet and forums, so I kinda disappear at times... But I am alive! I'll have to check out that game in a little while, I don't have access to a computer at the moment that will play it--but I feel so special that you put thought of me into the creation of it! I don't know that anything's ever been dedicated to me. Hot dog lol talk to you about it when I play it! I bet it's great!
  8. Tell me if/when you get back on the forums.
  9. Oh, I made a new one! If you're still around...

    I dedicated this one a bit to you, with how you liked Skinny's art style.
    But, have your sound on for this one, the music and sound effects really enhance it :3
  10. You literally became glued to the screen? Holy sh*t, I didn't think my games had the power of molding human flesh O_O
    Sorry for late reply, but damn, get that checked by a doctor.
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