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Conversation Between Cherry Boom and gff135

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  1. yes me 2
  2. oh cool! i love poetry ^^
  3. im mark i read and wirte poetry and stuff if u want to c it look it up on youtube gff135
  4. Well my name is Ashley. I love to read (not just anime), draw, and ride bikes. my favorite anime is Naruto and my favorite anime movie is princess Mononoke and or all of Hayoa Miyazaki films (hope i spelled his name right lol) what about you
  5. so tell me alil bit mor bout ur self
  6. yeah
  7. same here
  8. yeah ^^ i like to get away from the city and all, you know
  9. me 2 its so fun
  10. Bryce Canyon since i love the out doors
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