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Conversation Between Jozette and NarutardLover

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  1. AWESOME! I love "All I want" And "Sticks and Bricks". You?
  2. Yes I do do do!
  3. Oops, sorry maybe a spelling typo. His Meltdown cover is pretty awesome. BTW you listen to ADTR?
  4. Whats COLOR? and....ummm I like his cover of Meltdown.
  5. That's cool. Which is your favourite Kaito song?
  6. I love all vocaloids My favorite is kaito.
  7. I LOVE Hatsune Miku! Lynne is one of my favourites! What 'bout you?
  8. Wow yes it is from lynne. You like miku? ^_^
  9. Sorry to barge in like this but is your avatar from this video? I couldn't help but notice...
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