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Conversation Between Jozette and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Yeah it's awesome once you get over how they sound kinda robotic.
  2. Vocaloid seems to be pretty famous around here, I have to check it :P
  3. OH it's kaito from vocaliod (the song I got it from is meltdown.)
  4. Great new avatar where's it from?
  5. Seems really funny :P that's for the review, it was not horrible at all
    I promise to say something to you as I watch the 1st episode of it
  6. Oh it's a about a kid named ceil and his butler(demon butler) and they do a bunch of jobs for the queen and fight against angels it's funny mostly a little romatic and adventurous horrible review
  7. but what is the plot about, could you explain?
  8. BLACK BUTLER IS AWESOME (not season 2)
  9. Hime? sounds cool :P

    Is Black butler a cool anime? (have hearded about it a couple of times since joined AF)
  10. Hey pedro! Masai desu! But my friends call me hime I like
    Naruto shippuden episode 247
    death note fin
    Black butler fin
    Outran high fin
    Sket dance fin (ongoing still)
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