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Conversation Between Jozette and Nickasaur

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  1. bloooooooop...................... ;-; Come back.
  2. 9 years olds~
  3. 17 year old~
  4. I wub you too :P
  5. IM DYING!.
    Jay kay. I love ya~
  6. OH gawd don't die on me not yet NOT YET!!
  7. I think I need rep. Will I die?
  8. Bro. Let me see what you look like. But for now, you are cute. ;-;
    I'M. UGLY. AS. SHIT.
  9. Lol you say that until you get to know me I'm not as cute as you would think #totallyemobro
  10. zOMG you are so cute I swear!!!@ *Hugs*!:3
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