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Conversation Between Jozette and DenjaX

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  1. aw boo you have more than me don't you. AFTER I WORKED SO HARD!
  2. what about my butt? It is nothing special except for being cute.

    I won 1 billion from Xey's blog riddle question. xDD
  3. YOUR BUTT! Butt answer me this why do you have so much gil?
  4. I'll still keel you. xDD
  5. Really now? What if we're on the same team?
  6. Then we shall talk again during the incoming wolf game. >: D

    I'll keel you.
  7. Lol... Yeah I was bored but the concern came from just not talking to you in a while.
  8. Oho? What a cliche conversation if it ended here. I wont let it end here so

    Why the sudden "concern" there? Are you bored?
  9. Same. I was just dropping bye to see how you were.
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