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Conversation Between Jozette and Will Phuah

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  1. Oh yeah, I think I've seen this art in a Chinese anime magazine before. Will try it out if I could one day !
  2. Yeah it is it's about fishing but it's more than justing fishing I don't wanna spoil.
  3. Happy Belated Valentine's to you too !
    Nope, is it an anime?
  4. Happy valentines! (Have you seen tsuritama?)
  5. I see... I will try it out one day
  6. I think you'd like....Akiyama-kun LovexEro is good too...Hmm Lovestage maybe.
  7. Haha.. That's great.
    Any nice Yaoi to recommend?
  8. Oh I see. Yes thats me I finally got around to posting a picture.
  9. Ah, finally I see the real you. XD
    I see.. I only saw the beginning, then I think I skipped to Junjou Egoist. I liked Junjou Egoist though. XD
  10. Yes. The art is so/so but I love the plot. Theres alot of yaoi like that >_<
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