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Conversation Between Jozette and crazyanimefreak

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  1. who are your favorite members from both bands? I like the twins from Boyfriend and Kai from Exo!
  2. OMG!! I like love you now Boyfriend is probally my favorite followed by Exo.
  3. Infinite, B.A.P, Nu'est, 2NE1, B2ST, Super Junior, 100%, After School, B1A4, Bigstar, Block B, sometimes Boyfriend, BTOB, C-Clown, Exo-K and M, CN Blue, Chaos, Chocolat, Sistar, T-ara, DBSK/TVXQ, f(x), Fiestar, Glam, Girls' generation, 4minute, JJ Project, MBLAQ, MIss A, Myname, Shinee, Teen Top, U-Kiss, VIXX and a lot of other ones i cant remember right now
  4. What other k-pop band do you like?
  5. Really? I like G-Dragon the most but my friend also really likes Seungri
  6. YES I DO!!! <333 I like seungri the most though.
  7. Do you like G-Dragon? *Crosses fingers and hopes you say yes*
  8. G-dragon.
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