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Conversation Between Jozette and Albear

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  1. You got a new computer?!! :O
    Awesome! I'm happy for ya kiddo. In addition to me watch, I got a bag, belt, and a t shirt.
    I gave out a tie, graphic t shirts, and money to my family members.
  2. I got a new computer and headphones and some AWESOME shoes and a bed cover.
  3. I did! Got a new watch! What did you get?
  4. I had a great christmas did you?
  5. *Hugs me dear daughter*
    Merry Christmas!
  6. Hey hey merry X-mas!
  7. Yep! *Hugs my new kiddo*
  8. YAY! thankies albear!
  9. Yesh! Now I have two kids on AF.... You and Momo :3
    I shall refer to you as kiddo. I call Momo that too.
  10. So I asked momo-chan if I could be her sister and she said I had to ask you so. Can I join your family ^O^
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