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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and エリザベスレイノルズ

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  1. yeah, same here :/
  2. True; I still wanna see how they know each other, at the least
  3. Wait she calls Break brother coz he's like an older brother to her so she probably does the same with Jack :P IWhy couldn't I think about that before?! xD
  4. that is very surprising I dont see how that is possible, I mean, she's in a different family!
  5. Jack is Sharon's brother! Or at least, she called him brother Jack!
    Relevant? I don't know, but it surprised me
  6. yeah :3 my friend spoiled the Hunger Games for me so I'm used to it lol xD
  7. lol wanna hear a small spoiler that I don't yet know the relevance of?
  8. Well... I watched the anime and films even L Change the World :P I was going to read the manga but I couldn't be bothered lol BB is in the manga as well from what I heard :/ I've watched all of the Pandora Hearts episodes can't believe it finished so early just like HOTD at 13 th episode I'm reading the manga on the internet now coz it interests me :P
  9. Yeahsure.... forgot... I don't even know who BB is, and just barely Matt. I assume this means you watched it, not read it?
  10. You forgot Matt and Beyond Birthday xD I liked Light at first coz I understand why he was killing people but then it sort of didn't make sense afterwards O.o L-BB-Matt-Near-Mello-Light
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