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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sighanide

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  1. Ok, well, Hetalia. not there yet. However, Italy is pretty damn different than what i've seen that the show depicts. However, all the characters are basically stereotypes.
  2. oh, and i've never seen hetalia, lemme finish Legend of the Legendary Heroes. then i'll move to Hetalia.
  3. i see, i see.
    thats not that smart. unless its safe.
    oh, and by the way, the game's not free :/
    if you create a Steam ID i'll be happy to gift it too you...
  4. Also, I may try the game when I get home, it is blocked on my school computer
  5. Because I'm a Hetalia fan :3
    Meaning, I love everything to do with every country... that is mentioned in the show xD
    So basically, I really want to go to europe and japan
  6. and, uh, do you play video games? 'cause i made a psychological horror game called "Lone Survivor" and its for retail on steam!
    still proud of myself. here's the Steam link with a trailer and such:
  7. xD why?
    i moved to USA when i was 12...
  8. so much jelly right now
  9. well, i was born in italy...
  10. That's awesome! ^^ I wish I could speak italian.... more than five words, anyway
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