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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sighanide

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  1. Hey, at least I'm trying
    I watched the first few episodes before falling asleep xD
    I find the show very entertaining, yet it makes me sleepy (I don't know why, either)
    It's so weird O_O
    I'm on episode 4 or something as of now.

    I've been good, except maybe that i've had a Nirvana and Radiohead marathon playing in my sad for the whole damn month xD
  2. Lol, your loss xD How've you been?
  3. Been a long time
    Sorry, still haven't watched Hetalia. I will, don't worry!
  4. "Fun". You think being stuck in a hot sweaty room with people who smell like they bathed in cologne just before work and talking about things that are obvious and already known repeatedly for 3 hours a day is fun?

    Just kidding. Sort of.
  5. Well that sounds fun. Iowa, btw
  6. 'cuz my boss decided "HEY! LET'S TRAVEL 'ROUND EUROPE ON BUSINESS MEETINGS, IT'll BE FUN!" and that's why i'm here.
    So, you vacationing in Florida, 'cuz I think it was you who told me you lived in Tennessee...
  7. *glomps*
    Why Ukraine?!? I'm in Florida, total change in temperature xD
  8. *tackles*

    So, what's up with you? I mean, I'm in the f*cking ukraine, but, well, whatever xD
  9. Mainly rock and j-pop/vocaloid, but if I absolutely have to, I'll listen to pop ((like at a dance or something))
  10. Nice, nice. I'M ALIVE, BTW.
    I didn't go AFK as I originally planned, instead I got access to the internet :3
    thank you Aunt Abelie.
    Anyway, What kinds of music do you listen to? Me, Imma Rock/Alternative person.

    i like pretty much everything actually, but I mostly listen to Rock/Alt, like Gorillaz or The National, and occasionally, weird stuff like this xD

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