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Conversation Between yanarii and AshureeChan

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  1. Haha yeeeep I look forward to it!
    lol yeah ^_^ lol
  2. yeah. you will., until then, i won't reveal anything. haha..
    i was looking at our conversation and i was laughing at the cute comments that we exchange. lol.
  3. Haha yes that may be true
    Usui FTW! XD
    and haha yeah I'll get there eventually I'm sure :P
  4. he's adorable in a way?.. not for me...
    he's adorable IN EVERY WAY! hahaha... lols.
    okay, okay, no spoilers i was just asking because there was a really cute line that someone said to someone and i was about to tell it to you. haha... good thing i didin't. XD
  5. Haha yeah he's adorable in a way :3 ^_^
    And no I haven't gotten to that part yet
    shhhh no spoilers xD
  6. i know right?! haha. but it's cute like that.
    haha. i just love it!
    hey, have you already read the part when misaki's childhood friend came to their school?
  7. It is really good
    and lol the word "Usui-ish made me laugh but I get what you mean! lol
    They are so cute together, I'm like giiiirl why you keep rejecting him? XD
    I'm about 4 volumes in so far :3
  8. ohh, yup yup! it's a good manga!
    i swear i go kyaaa!!! whenever usui does something usui-ish! haha
    it's just sooo cute.
    and i love the moments between the two of them!
  9. Haha yeah, it happens xD
    I'm currently reading Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
    It seemed to be very popular so I gave it a chance, It's pretty good
  10. haha, i've also had a few animes/mangas that freaked me out the first time i saw them.
    i can't remember what though, but there were definitely some times that has happened to me. lol.
    but when i tried giving it a second chance, turns out it wasn't so bad at all.
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