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Conversation Between yanarii and Rozenberg

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  1. yeah, when i read or watch 'em i'm like. woah! you go girl! xD
  2. you bet!
    and that's why they are far too adorable (for me) !
  3. i'm also quite a fan of girls with guns, they show that girls can fight too and are just too cool!
  4. that kind of combat isn't bad as well
    maybe its because of my fetish, I love girls with guns
  5. for action, well, i think most of the things i've read involve melee and hand to hand combat or different weapons, it depends really, but i also read ones with gunfights in them,
  6. well that's to be expected xD
    although for action manga, I'd prefer the one with a lot of gunfight
  7. wow, we kinda like the same stuff
  8. ehm... i'm not exactly an otaku
    still not on that level

    as for manga, I'd prefer romance, action and most important is comedy
  9. thank you i wanna meet fellow otakus and befriend them!
    so what genre do you like in manga?
  10. well, why not? ~
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